The Last Hike

Reading Time: 12 minutes The final hike to complete my end-to-end journey on the Finger Lake Trail began in a rush. Arriving home, quickly packing, and leaving the following day to arrive at Allegany State Park. I was joined on this hike by my girlfriend, Mary-Margaret, my son Dilan, and my friend Tim.

We rented a cabin in the State Park and planned our hike for the next day. The night before the hike temperatures dropped to near 30. I awoke in the middle of the night shivering; the fire had burned down. After restarting the fire I caught a few hours of sleep.

Having gotten little sleep we were slow to start and were running behind schedule. In our rush to pack, we had forgotten a number of items. While Tim and I hiked the first half of the trail Mary-Margaret and Dilan went shopping for the missing supplies.

The trail took Tim and I to the NY/PA border quickly. From there it wound its way through brilliant fall foliage under a beautiful blue sky. We crossed several small streams before arriving at a large footbridge over Wolf Run.

After leaving Wolf Run we climbed up Mt Tuscarora and down to the Willis Creek Lean-to. We passed a father and his young daughter just before reaching our turn around at Coon Run Rd where Mary-Margaret and Dilan were waiting.

We ate a quick lunch and then started off on the second half of the hike back to PA 346, Dilan joining us for this part. It was late and the sun was sinking quickly. We raced the sun setting a fast pace and only breaking for short periods.

As the sun sank behind the hills we finally arrived at the NY/PA border and the western terminus of the Finger Lakes Trail. After a few pictures we descended down the last mile to PA 346 to meet Mary-Margaret. My end-to-end out-and-back journey complete.