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Scott Geiger

Welcome, my name is Scott Geiger.  I started this site a year ago with the introduction below.  I have kept to my plan of writing about my hikes on the FLT and I have even gone back and written about past hikes.  Now that the weather is turning warmer it is time to get back out on the trail.  I plan to continue writing about my hikes in 2016.  I have now completed nearly 60% of the main trail.  I am looking forward to the new adventures and incredible sights awaiting me.  See you on the trail.

— April 16, 2016

This is a blog I am starting to keep notes on my hiking adventures.  In 2010 I discovered the Finger Lakes Trail and started hiking it near Danby, NY.  I soon decided that I wanted to complete the entire trail, an end-to-end.  I have slowly worked my way east along the trail and last summer (2014) reached the eastern terminus.  As of the start of 2015 I have completed a little over 52% of the trail.

Most of my hikes are long hikes, at least 15 miles in a single day, and several have been more than 20 miles.  My longest hike was in July 2012; I hiked 26.88 miles in 12 hours.  I have done two overnight hikes, both in the Catskills.  I have seen incredible scenery and views along the way and have tried to capture as much of it as I can.

My plan is to start posting my hikes here along with links to photos.  I hope to give a more detailed picture of my hikes, what I experience and see along the way.  So, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy it.

— April 14, 2015

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  • Scott,
    I see you have hiked Corbett Hollow. Did you happen to see any old gravestones up in there? If so, where roughly? My ancestors on my mother’s side lived up in Corbett Hollow back in the 1800’s when it was farm land—before it reverted state forest. I’m wondering if some of them were buried there. If so, I’d like to go up and have a look.
    Phil Mann
    Keuka Park

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