Further Than Planned

Reading Time: 11 minutes A beautiful summer hike, blue skies and sun. I planned and mapped out 18 miles from Baker School House Road (M20) to Cheningo Day Use Area (M21). I arrived at my turn-around point much earlier than I expected. Most of the FLT access points are usually less than two miles apart, so I decided to continue on. Over 2.5 miles later I reached the next access point. Instead of an 18 mile hike it became a nearly 25 mile hike. The additional section was also quite hilly. Combined with the warm summer day, only packing enough water for a shorter hike, I was hurting and parched by the time I returned to my car.

New Pack

Reading Time: 8 minutes Another hike with my friend Tim, this one nearly 19 miles. We started from Cheningo Solon Pond (M21) and made our way to Cuyler Lincklaen Road (M22) and back. I had acquired a new backpack – an overnight style pack – and wanted to test it out. The start of the hike was damp and wet with a brief rain shower on the drive to the trailhead. Fog flowed through the trees in the early morning before burning off and leaving the air damp and humid. Clouds persisted most of the day with a few breaks of sun. The road walk from Stoney Brook Road to Cuyler Lincklean Road and back presented us with two interesting sights.