Early End To My Hiking Season

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I had hoped to get one more hike in before the cold weather and my pause in hiking.  My plan was to take one last hike in the middle of October and get in some of the fall colors.  Three days before my planned hike I fell while rollerblading with my son and dislocated my shoulder.  So my hiking season ended earlier than I planned.  As I did last year, I will be going back to previous hikes and working on writing about those adventures.  And when the weather begins to get warm again, and the days get longer I’ll be back out on the trail heading west on my end-to-end quest.


6 thoughts on “Early End To My Hiking Season

  • So sorry to hear of your injury and that it will curtail your hiking season. Meanwhile as you heal, thank you for all the adventures you have shared with us this year.

    • Thanks Jon, and over the winter I’ll be going back in time, so to speak, and writing up my early adventures on the trail.

  • Scott, sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it heals quickly ! But hiking doesn’t have to end in Fall, a great hike can be had in Winter as well…use microspikes for a thin snow or ice covering, and snowshoes for when there’s a lot of snow on the trail.

    • Thanks Larry. I know that I can hike in the winter, however I usually take a pause on my E2E because I have to drive such a long distance to get to the sections I am hiking. I figure if I am going to drive that far I am going to go on a LONG hike, and with the cold and shorter daylight that is harder to do. So, I won’t be doing more of my E2E and writings until warmer weather. However, I may take some short hikes (once I heal) in the area – maybe I’ll join you and your crew for some.

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