May 11, 2014

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FLT Map: Tower Rd (M16) west to Todd Rd (M16)

Tower Rd (M16) west to Todd Rd (M16)


Authors Note: I am re-posting some previous hikes.  I may go back and write up a longer narrative in the future.  

A short hike, only 11 miles, but it was a gorgeous day for a hike. Broke out my hiking/camping hammock and relaxed for a late lunch.

Hike Stats:
11.11 miles, 2.7mph avg moving, 2.1mph avg overall, 4h:04m moving, 1h:17m stopped, 5h:21m total time, max elevation 2189ft, total ascent 1344ft, 120.97ft/mi. FLT M16


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